About us

My Family Legacy was established by Steve Rogers in 2017. An experienced businessman, with over 30 years of market knowledge, Steve decided to follow his heart and to create a business which supported families and individuals in one of the most important decisions of their life.

Steve saw that the pressures on society were increasing and world and national events were bringing a sense of heightened anxiety and uncertainty into the present and the future. He believed that these feelings were affecting the decisions we make (or more worryingly didn’t make) and the lives we lead based on an increasingly acute feeling of being out of control. He wanted to fix that and bring peace of mind and a sense of control to every individual, every family.

We believe writing a will can be an easy and reassuring experience

Writing a will and providing security for your family, friends and even your employees, can be an overwhelming subject to consider. It can feel confusing and even a little frightening. My Family Legacy understands this and ensures that the process is conducted with honesty, openness, care and compassion. You can trust the team to offer the best and most appropriate advice and information that you need.

At My Family Legacy we are passionate about giving you the control over your destiny. We want to safeguard you and your loved ones and give you the guidance that you need to make the right financial decisions. We want you to leave a legacy which is right for you and your family and which enables those you leave behind to flourish. We know that life both now and in the future is precious. Let us protect it for you.

Our promise to you

We have all experienced life’s challenges, whether personal or professional. We have all been let down and had our trust seriously tested. You are not alone in this and that is why My Family Legacy are absolutely dedicated to bringing confidence into these discussions, enabling you to feel safe and reassured. We want positive outcomes and that’s why we want to bring a sense of security into your life. We treat people as we would want to be treated ourselves. That’s our promise to you.

What our customers say

What does this mean for our service?

We want you to feel in control of this process. We have our conversations where you feel most comfortable. If that’s at home, we will come to you. If it’s online, we’ll have a Zoom call. It’s your decision and your process.

We won’t push decisions on you.  We will listen to your situation and your needs and present you with options which best meet your requirements. We will offer advice, but we will never try to influence the decision. If you need to talk to family, that’s fine. If it takes a bit more time, that’s fine too.

It’s your process, we want you to own it.

Our Offices

My Family Legacy has its offices based in Bristol, in the South West of England, but we offer national coverage and will happily come to you. We want to help as many people as possible and we will travel to ensure that your security and peace of mind are assured. Wherever you are.

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Our credentials

My Family Legacy is an independent business which means that every decision we make is based on our own experiences and firmly rooted in our own values. This is not a large faceless corporate or a franchise,  which means that we can offer you the best of both worlds - specialist and personalized advice with the reassurance of a well-regulated practice that you need.

My Family Legacy adheres to the strict guidelines mapped out in the STEP will writing code(The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) . You can be sure that your best interests will be underwritten by strict procedures. Always.