Reasons to write your Will

Writing a Will is essential if you want to take care of the people you love after your death. That’s only one benefit though; there are many more reasons to write a Will, as our blog explores…

Reasons to write your Will


Don’t we all want to look after the people that we care about? In life and, though it may be painful to think of, in death too. A Will is an effective way to take care of the people that matter after death. However, there are many benefits of writing a Will, besides this reason. We’ve explored some of the benefits of writing a Wil that you may not have thought about – we hope you find it useful.


Your executor is your choice

Choose someone that you trust, whether that is a family member or spouse, or even a professional executor. Without a Will, you don’t have a say who takes care of your estate after death.


Have a say in who cares for your children

The idea of leaving young children behind is enough to worry any parent. But did you know that you can make stipulations in your Will about who cares for your children, under the age of eighteen, if you pass away? It’s not the case that children will automatically be placed with relatives, such as grandparents. Almost 63%of parents with dependents have no valid Will; don’t get caught out.


You’re in control of your assets

Without a Will oved ones may be unsure of your wishes, and there can be confusion and disagreement among family members. By expressing your wishes in your Will, you're move the doubt. This makes life easier for the people you love, and reduces the likelihood of conflict.


Your grandchildren can be beneficiaries too

Most people think of leaving their estate to their spouse and any children they may have. But did you know that you can also nominate your grandchildren as beneficiaries? If you’d like to help your grandchildren financially, or leave specific assets to them, your Will is a great way to do so.


Plan your funeral now to save heartache later

Putting plans in place now helps to lighten the load for your nearest and dearest at a stressful time. When you make plans for your funeral, everybody knows what to expect, especially if you have discussed it with them in life. What’s more, there is no need for your loved ones to worry about the stress of planning a funeral at a difficult time.


The most important thing to remember about writing your Will

There are many benefits of writing your Will, although the most important thing is to keep it safe and make family aware of its location. Whether you choose to have your Will stored professionally, or to look after it yourself, you must let your loved ones know where they can find it. If a Will cannot be found upon death, the deceased is said to have died intestate, and the rules of intestacy apply. If you have a Will that you’d like to have reviewed, or if you’d like to write a Will, get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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