What happens if my Children Divorce?

February 3, 2021

Sadly, the divorce rate in the UK is around 50%. Here we explain how you can protect your children’s assets.

People often wonder what will happen to the assets they leave their children if they divorce after they have gone.

It is a sad fact that many marriages end up in divorce. This leaves many families in disarray but there are things that you can do in advance to protect your children and grand children to ensure that the assets you wish them to receive will actually make it to them.

A relationship can seem fine at the beginning and even stronger at marriage but life takes different courses and doesn’t always end up happily ever after like in the movies.

Your intention is probably for your wealth and assets left will priovide the help and assistance for your lineal descendants. Unfortanately Divorce can result in much of your intended inheritance moving out of the family.

It can sometimes never reach your grand children. This happens for instance when your son or daughter divorces and then 50% of their assets go with the ex partner. THat’s fine if all is amicable and you are happy for that to happen. But if you are not then you need to take steps to ensure it doesn’t.

Another reason for your assets not reaching your lineal descendants is if your son or daughter died and then their partner remarried. If the partner then died before their new partner it could occur that all of the money that belonged to your son or daugfhter originally, left with the surviving new partner with nothing going to your children.

“Immortality is to live your life doing good things, and leaving your mark behind.” —Brandon Lee

The good news is there are ways to ensure that you protect your inheritance so that it does achieve your intentions. It can be left only to the people you wish, such as your children and grand children, safely locked away from others and only for those you intended.

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