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We want to safeguard you and your loved ones to give you the guidance that you need

At My Family Legacy, we believe that the greatest legacy we can leave our loved ones is the gift of financial certainty. It has the ability to unite a family, by bringing a sense of shared control, transparency, love and concern and enables everyone to be assured of a secure and carefree future, safe in the knowledge that the best decisions have already been made.

We are will writing specialists and we offer open and honest advice around wills, will writing, lasting power of attorney, trusts and funeral plans.

“Six in 10 parents do not have a will or have one that is out of date.”

What is the process?

Step 1
Book a meeting (face to face or online) with one of our specialists
Step 2
We listen to what you want and explain the options available to you based on your needs
Step 3
Your specialist will send you details of the options available with associated costs
Step 4
If you decide to progress we can start to put plans in place
Step 5
Your documents will be produced, ready for signing and safe storage

Commonly asked questions

Will I need to look at my will again or is that it?

We recommend that you re-visit your will at least every 5 years to check that any changes in circumstances are recorded in your will. It may be that you have thought of additional beneficiaries or that you have new items to include. That’s normal and can be easily updated to reflect your current circumstances. At the end of the day, it’s important to check your thinking and to ensure that your will is fit for purpose as time moves on. Of course if there is a major change of circumstance then it should be looked at sooner.

What happens if my circumstances change or I want to make amendments?

You can make amendments to your will at any time. Depending on the extent to the changes we may need to charge a nominal fee but that will be discussed up front. Frequently for a small change it’s free of charge.

How long does the process take?

The process is a straightforward one and can be completed easily in two to three weeks. It really does depend how ready you are with all the details required and how quickly you want to get it sorted. We will take guidance from you. We will never rush you. (In special circumstances we can arange this process to be completed much faster if required.)

What documentation will I receive?

You will receive an original of your will along with a copy. If you have a will with a trust, you will also receive original and copies of Memorandum of Wishes for each trust. We will ensure that you have everything that you need. Our document checking service provides certainty that all of your documents are correctly signed and legal. We aim to keep the process as easy as possible for you.

Will I need to contact everyone involved about my will?

You’ll need to contact those named as trusteed, executord and guardiand so that they are aware and agree to their roles in the the will. You do not need to contact any beneficiaries although you may find it useful to talk them through your wishes so that they are aware.

What happens after I write my will?

Your will is signed and then needs to be stored somewhere safe (preferably not at your property) so that it is safe. We recommend taking out a professional storage agreement or storing the documents with a friend or family member that you trust. In any case, it is important that your family know of the wereabouts of your original signed will.

If I want to talk about trusts or even a Lasting Power of Attorney, do I need to do it at the same time?

No, you can think about this separately. It’s entirely your choice. If you want to agree everything together it’s the most efficient approach but it is not mandatory

What our customers say

What we do

We are the specialists in planning for your future and we offer a suite of services to ensure that you, your family and even your business, are fully protected:

Will writing

We ensure that your will is written with the utmost care and attention and clearly states your wishes.  It’s a sensitive and complex task but we’ll take away the worry for you.  Most of us don’t know where to start. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you.

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Lasting powers of attorney

We will support you in setting up a lasting power of attorney which will ensure that your wishes are met and you ae cared for in the event there are reasons to do this and options to consider. Let us explain it simply and clearly to you.

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We can explain the merits of having a trust and put in place watertight procedures so that your chosen beneficiaries will be sure to receive the assets as stipulated by you. We’ll guide you in making the best decisions to ensure the maximum benefits go to your family.

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Funeral plans

In event of your death, and at such a stressful and sad time for your loved ones, let us support you to plan and pay for your funeral in advance. This ensures that there’s one less thing for your loved ones to do.

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What are the benefits of writing a will?

  • You know that your friends and family will be well catered for in the event of your death based on YOUR WISHES
  • You will be able to choose someone you TRUST to execute your wishes
  • You are able to have the opportunity to CLEARLY STATE how you wish your children to be cared for
  • You can personally ALLOCATE YOUR ASSETS to avoid confusion or upset, lessening the load for those left behind
  • You can PROTECT YOUR ASSETS from automatically being returned to the STATE
  • You can protect your BUSINESS to ensure that it continues to function without you well into the future
  • You can financially protect your GRANDCHILDREN for the future if you have them
  • You can plan your FUNERAL wishes to ensure that no one in the family has unnecessary stress in the event of your death

Who should be thinking about making a will?

Writing a will is NOT JUST for the elderly.

Frequently we think that we have plenty of time to write a will.  It’s probably not even on our radar yet.  Maybe you don’t have children, maybe you’re concentrating on your career or maybe you just don’t want to think about it.  At My Family Legacy, we understand this.  We know that it can be a difficult subject to consider and we know too that we often feel like we have plenty of time, but unfortunately death can occur when you least expect it.

Writing a will gives you the security you need to live your life unhindered, without the worry of the unknowns and on your terms.  We want to give you that reassurance and that peace of mind so that you can continue to work on your dreams and the ideal life for you.
It’s often viewed as a small thing , but it has big consequences.

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