Will Storage

Does your executor know where to find your will? If your will cannot be found, the law treats it as if it never existed. Here’s why keeping your will safe is so important.

Where is Dad’s will?

Without a will, your estate could be subject to the laws of intestacy. It’s vital that families, executors and next of kin know where their loved one’s will is and can access it. Even if you wrote a will, if it cannot be found, then the laws of intestacy apply. That means the estate is handled as if the person had died without a will (intestate).

What if your family couldn’t find your will?

If your will cannot be found at your death, it’s as if it didn’t exist

If there is no will, the estate has to go through the probate courts and the distribution of the deceased’s property will be carried out according to intestacy laws. The process can take a long while; some cases have taken many years. Not only is this stressful at an emotional time, it’s frustrating for the next of kin who know that a will exists but not its location.

Access to your will when you die helps to make a time of grief easier in a small way. It helps the practical side of things go more smoothly so that your family and friends can focus on grieving.

Where is the safest place to store your will?

Professional storage is a useful facility for those who have written their will. It solves the problem of needing to know the will’s location, without placing a burden on the family. When a will and any accompanying documents are stored, you are issued with a storage certificate. This certificate can be shared with the next of kin, so that they know where to find the will.

If you’ve written a will and are wondering how best to keep it safe, perhaps we can help?

The benefits of storing your will

If you’ve written your will and you have discussed with your family where to find it, perhaps that is enough to put your mind at ease. However, should the ‘what if’ question bother you, storage can be a useful way to gain peace of mind. Storage protects your will from damage (accidental or otherwise), destruction or loss. It protects your family at a time of grief. A death in the family is never an easy time. Keeping your will safe and easily accessible at your death saves your family from having to navigate probate and the legal system. It gives them some small comfort at a difficult time.

Safe storage of your will gives you peace of mind

If you’ve taken the care to make a will, if you’ve given time and thought to protecting your loved ones, why not consider storage? It’s one less worry for your next of kin to face at your death. And it gives you peace of mind in life.

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